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  • XFINITY® TV offers more ways to get more entertainment so you can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen.
  • Over 140 digital channels
  • XFINITY On Demand included



  • Perfect for surfing online, streaming movies, and uploading photos
  • Speeds up to 100X faster than dial-up
  • Stay safe online with unmatched online security included with your service.



  • Now you can enjoy more ways to connect with friends and family in more places around the world.
  • Keep Your Same Phone Number
  • Many Popular Calling Features


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XFINITY from Comcast Offers Package Deals in Greeley Colorado

XFINITY Greeley Colorado can provide some exciting options that can make for a great home service package. If you need internet services in your home, you should try the high-speed broadband services XFINITY can deliver. If you are looking for television programming, with exciting viewing options and features, XFINITY has an amazing lineup to enjoy. If you need to take the burden off your mobile usage while you make and manage your important calls, XFINITY is the one to go to. This provider has everything you need for quality home services. And, when you need these three services together, you can take advantage of the XFINITY Bundled service plans that reward you for customer loyalty with monthly discounts and great rates. Greeley CO XFINITY has a lot to offer.

XFINITY TV Programming Greeley CO
Greeley CO XFINITY TV Programming

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With XFINITY, your entire family has viewing options that other providers can’t compete with. These options include hundreds of digital cable channels, including free HD channels that other providers will make you pay for. XFINITY Digital TV can provide these channels with the additional option of thousands of On Demand and Pay Per View selections. These selections include new movie releases, as well as live action sporting events that you don’t want to miss. Instead of spending the time, money and effort to take restless children to a movie theater, you can enjoy your time and spend less money to do it by watching them at home. XFINITY Greeley Colorado can even provide 3D programming so that you can enjoy the finest quality available from your family room, living room or even your bedroom.

The best part is that when your children have to take a bathroom break or you have to run to the store, you can simply pause these selections and come back to them when you are ready. You can pause, fast forward or rewind as you see fit when you have a DVR or HD-DVR to provide you with customized home programming on your schedule. The DVR can record in standard programming for standard sets and the HD-DVR for HDTVs. They can record your favorite shows, sports and movies while you are working, picking the children up from practice or just cooking dinner. This makes sure you have a complete viewing lineup that is at your beck and call, no matter the time or day.

With the incredibly large selection and the DVR functionality, you don’t have to go without, no matter what your schedule looks like. Whether you want to watch something you already recorded or watch something that is airing right then, your whole television world is at your fingertips.

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Greeley Colorado XFINITY Internet Packages
XFINITY High Speed Internet Packages Greeley Colorado

When you need a high-speed internet service, you can’t get any better than Greeley Colorado XFINITY’s high-speed broadband internet service. This service can get as fast as 105 Mbps, allowing you to surf at lightening fast speeds. This means your children can play their online games with less lag and more control over their characters. This means longer, more satisfying gaming sessions for their down time. With as much as 105 Mbps, you can download and stream your play lists or your online programming. With XFINITY, you have plenty of selections to choose from. You can watch this programming from your laptop, tablet or smartphone from any location in your home. This keeps you connected and entertained without being chained to your dusty desktop.

XFINITY Greeley CO has several different Internet packages to choose from, keeping you on your budget with the kind of service you need. To make this even better, XFINITY provides online security that has been awarded as the best on the market. This software downloads and updates automatically, so you have less to worry about. It can help detect and block malware like bots, trojans, spyware and hacking and phishing programs that intend to steal your personal information for identity theft. This service is free for high speed users, but it is far from cheap. It is given as a curtsey to XFINITY customers to help them stay satisfied with their online and incredibly fast services. This online security can help save you hundreds of dollars in repairing damage done to your hard drive or your credit report. It is an invaluable service because of the online protections it provides to your children, as well. With the online security, you also get online Parental Controls. These Parental Controls can block web sites you don’t want your children on. They can keep you informed on who your children are networking with on the internet and what sites they are visiting while out of you are in the other room. The best part about this is that you don’t have to sit right on top of them to make sure they are safe. You can let them roam the house while they get on their social sites, chat or visit their sites.

See if one of the XFINITY Digital Voice Packages in Greeley Colorado is right for you and your family's needs.

When you want to connect without getting online, you can always get the XFINITY Greeley Colorado digital home phone service. This service can provide more than enough calling freedom for your entire family. You can make unlimited calls to any location in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and other locations. You can use your mobile with the mobiel minutes that XFINITY has to offer. You use these Carefree minutes to take the stress off the monthly bill. Even if you want to make your International calls, XFINITY can provide with a calling service that calls more than a hundred countries.

XFINITY Greeley Colorado Bundles
XFINITY Greeley Colorado Bundles

When you need to manage your large call volume, you can always use the calling features that come with the unlimited local and long distance calling plan at no additional charge. This can help you save the funds you need for other areas of your budget.

All of these services are a great addition to any home. If you are worried about the monthly expense, ask about a Bundled service package that can help you save money while you enjoy these great services. All you have to do is sign up for a Bundle and you can get the wide range of products and services brought to you only XFINITY in Greeley Colorado. Your entire family will benefit and your budget will to.

XFINITY has more to offer than any other provider right now. You don’t have to be deprived when the Bundled service plan makes it possible to get everything you want in your home now. Bundles provide monthly discounts, plus the added convenience of paying for three services at one time. You can combine your bill for short, easy bill pays that you can pay online, one time a month. You can't get services like this any easier than with XFINITY in Greeley Colorado.

With 3D programming, broadband speeds that peak at over 100 Mbps and unlimited local and long distance calling, you can’t get any better any where else. XFINITY has the deals and pricing you need to stay comfortably within your monthly budget. You can travel the world on the world wide web, or you can talk to those that are most important to you around the world and locally. You can pay inflated prices at the theater or sit in the comfort, safety and privacy of your home to watch your HD and 3D programming. The choice is yours with Greeley Colorado XFINITY. And we didn't forget about our Existing XFINITY Customers - you can find great deals online!

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