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XFINITY Internet Plans

Starting at $29.99

Performance Offer

  • 20Mbps downstream speed with Powerboost®
  • Constant Guard security suite
  • Share photos, music, surf, shop
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 email accounts
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $49.99

Blast Plus Offer

  • 30Mbps download speed (50% faster than Performance)
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value)
  • Share music, photos, play interactive games, browse
  • XFINITY Connect with 7 email accounts with 10MB storage each
  • Streampix – streaming HD movies in seconds
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $114.95

Extreme 50 Offer

  • 50Mbps powerful download capability
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value)
  • Stream videos and movies at lightning fast speeds
  • Access to 3500 live sporting events –
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 personalized email accounts and 10MB storage
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $199.95

Extreme 105 Offer

  • 105Mbps power driven download speeds
  • Rated fastest ISP in 2011 by PC Magazine
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value) with file backup and file share
  • Stream videos and movies at lightning fast speeds, no buffering or lagging
  • Access to 3500 live sporting events on  ESPN3
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 personalized email accounts and 10MB storage
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Speeding Your Way Through Your Online Activities

by Julia Hall

XFINITY Internet Plans
Comcast High Speed Internet Plans

XFINITY High-Speed Internet is delivered to you with easy and simple access, but the motivating concepts of modern advances that accompany the service will have you jumping for joy at the opportunity to hop online. Accessing the internet with the new tools and speeds that turn your online trips into a world of entertainment will elevate the desires of users to employ more internet usage than ever before. Having a vast amount of information to tap into and a connection in every room is a conceptual phenomenon like something from the future.

If you spend a lot of time online, then you have heard all about the speed war to see who has the fastest service, and you should know that XFINITY by Comcast High Speed Internet was not called "high speed" for any trivial reason. Instead of high speed it should be “highest speed” as it was called by PC Magazine in 2011. Each user has an individual agenda for what they do online, so each user will have a different requirement for the speed with which they need to supply their online activities. Check out the XFINITY Pricing Plans here!

XFINITY High Speed Internet designs internet plans with that personal concept in mind and offers more choices in internet plans to meet the needs of its users. The Performance plan starts with 20Mbps download speed including Powerboost, the additional shot of power to push your large file downloads to the finish in a hurry. All XFINITY Internet plans include free internet security for family, device, and file protection.

The next level of speed offered at 30Mbps (50% faster than Performance), is the Blast Plus package which also includes the Streampix platform for streaming TV on your PC.

Stepping it up  to the mid-high range of service and internet speed, the Extreme 50 plan offers 50Mbps downstream rates and a full $360 value Constant Guard security suite for free, plus XFINITY Connect online account to manage all your phone, internet, and TV features. What is XFINITY from Comcast? Find out here!

XFINITY Internet Plan Options
Comcast High Speed Internet Plan Options

The maximum plan, Extreme 105, with super-duper download rates that won the speed award in 2011 at speeds pushing 105Mbps lets the whole family get online at the same time, all having the same exceptional service but never slowing each other down no matter what tasks they perform online. You’ll not only have the speed, but you will have the power to control the time it takes you to download a 2-hour movie in a few seconds with the most premium plan offered as part of the XFINITY High Speed Internet system of powerful packages that will supply every one with something that will meet their personal need for speed.

By partnering with market leaders in online security software, XFINITY High Speed Internet from Comast can now offer nothing but the best to keep your devices secure. Comprised of protective safeguards like virus, firewall, identity theft, parental controls, and backup for all your important files, nothing can threaten your network devices when you have online security from the best. Learn more about XFINITY Internet Security here!

It’s time to get with the program and catch a connection on the wireless network of XFINITY High Speed Internet. Multiple WiFi devices can tap into the service to share in the online fun all at the same time. Hooking up to the world, connecting with an old friend, and hooking up your iPhone or tablet to the 4G/3G network of XFINITY High Speed Internet at home or while you’re on the road will secure your connection for all your online needs when you are away from home.

Have the speed to go with the need at a price you can afford, and make sure you have the innovative perfection that only comes from XFINITY High Speed Internet.