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  • XFINITY® TV offers more ways to get more entertainment so you can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen.
  • Over 140 digital channels
  • XFINITY On Demand included



  • Perfect for surfing online, streaming movies, and uploading photos
  • Speeds up to 100X faster than dial-up
  • Stay safe online with unmatched online security included with your service.
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  • Now you can enjoy more ways to connect with friends and family in more places around the world.
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Best XFINITY from Comcast Bundled Package Prices

by Julia Hall

XFINITY Prices - Out of This World Entertainment for Less

Isn’t it time you started looking into the newest technology to check out what you’ve been missing in home entertainment?  Innovative advances are taking off at such a rate, it’s almost as if there is something new to experience in the world of home entertainment and communications on a daily basis. XFINITY is leading the way and offers the ultimate in promotional entertainment and telecommunications just to get you started experiencing how great it can be and how affordable their services are.

XFINITY Internet Prices
XFINITY High Speed Internet Prices

The choices you have with XFINITY Digital TV will put those online movie sites to shame.  There’s no way they can compete with what XFINITY can offer you in live entertainment, whether it is sports, professional fights, concerts, or gut-ripping comedy.

Besides live entertainment, there’s a gazillion shows to access from your TV’s on-screen guide, lots of free movies and programs. Believe it or not, you can watch them on your PC and Smartphone too.

You can’t take your satellite with you when you leave the house, but when order up  the promotion of a Double Play bundle with XFINITY TV and High Speed Internet, you can take your TV programming with you wherever you go! With a TV App, customers can access the same great TV lineup from their PC’s and iPads or iPhones too.

It doesn’t get any better than the promotions offered through XFINITY. Everybody likes a good deal and good deals are exactly what XFINITY likes to give to new and existing customers. Anytime you can offer XFINITY Digital TV, XFINITY High Speed Internet, and XFINITY Digital Voice in one unbelievable promotion, you’ll have three spectacular home services in an offer that nobody can turn down.

Here’s a great promotion that XFINITY is offering up right now called the Triple Play. Customers get the best of everything with this promotion.  For under $100 per month, the promotion offers up to 80 channels of programming from XFINITY Digital TV, super fast internet up to 20 Mbps downstream speed, and unlimited long distance and complimentary calling features with home phone service.  Yes, there’s three sensational home services for one low price delivered on one bill that stays the same every month.

How can anybody refuse these great XFINITY Deals?

XFINITY TV Pricing Plans
XFINITY TV Pricing Plans

The program choices offered with the Triple Play promotion are endless, with more HD program choices than any other provider anywhere. XFINITY is the granddaddy when it comes to HD home entertainment, offering customers more than 8,000 unheard of selections from the most popular channels like ABC, A&E, CBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Food Network, Hallmark and a whole lot more. Not even satellite has more live choices for sports fans to enjoy than XFINITY.

Speaking of sports, one of the most popular promotions offered from XFINITY Digital TV is the Sports Entertainment package that includes channels like CBS Sports Network, Fox College Sports, Tennis Channel, and NFL Redzone and more. Customers who live for their sports and love every sport of every season, should consider ordering the Triple Play HD Premier promotion since the sports entertainment package is included in a bundled price which will save you lots of money, yet offer you the kind of sports programs you love all year long.

The Triple Play promotion is the best deal going with XFINITY right now and you might be interested in knowing it comes in 5 different variations of bundles so every customer can get in on a good deal regardless of their individual preferences. They include the Starter, HD Preferred, HD Preferred Plus, HD Premier, and HD Complete.  Each has its own benefit whether it is more sports channels or premiums like HBO, Cinemax, Starz, The Movie Channel, or maybe faster internet speeds for those with needs and requirements that are greater according to their online activities.

Customers that live to watch good TV series and follow all the episodes, would benefit from the HD Preferred promotion available right now.  Besides the 160 channels to choose from, customers also have access to Starz on Demand with this promotion which carries many of the TV series shows before they are aired on the networks. It like you get to attend your own private series premiere without having to fight traffic and find a parking place.

XFINITY Digital Voice Pricing Deals
XFINITY Phone Plan Deals

Since the Triple Play promotion includes all three services, customers that use a lot of speed should decide what activities they intend to perform online before choosing one of the variations.  If you only surf the net, check out your social networking sites and send and receive mail online, then the starter plan would work for you just fine.  However, if you plan to stream a lot of movies, play lots of interactive games, download large music files, or any other online activities that have to do with large files, you should consider the HD Preferred Plus Triple Play promotion as it has upgraded speed to handle those larger downloads and online activities.

To finish off one fine Triple Play promotion, you have to compare your old phone provider to a whole new way to enjoy landline service from XFINITY Digital Voice.  Where else can you get free long distance, free calling features, and free voicemail? There is no better promotion than free, so you can stop looking and stop comparing.  It just doesn’t get any better than the promotions from XFINITY.

Also on the good deal list, XFINITY has a Double Play promotion that bundles any two of the three XFINITY services to save you money too. Customers are able to choose their two services at a reduced price.  It’s like creating your own offer.  There are many options and while the Triple Play promotion offers the most value for the cost, customers can get varied promotional benefits at any time they bundle two or more services together. 

The more you get the more you can save. All three services give you the best deal and the best value for your out of this world entertainment.  A promotion with Digital TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Voice is one that can’t be beat.

Best XFINITY Prices
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