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  • XFINITY® TV offers more ways to get more entertainment so you can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen.
  • Over 140 digital channels
  • XFINITY On Demand included



  • Perfect for surfing online, streaming movies, and uploading photos
  • Speeds up to 100X faster than dial-up
  • Stay safe online with unmatched online security included with your service.
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  • Now you can enjoy more ways to connect with friends and family in more places around the world.
  • Keep Your Same Phone Number
  • Many Popular Calling Features
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XFINITY Promotions from Comcast Cable TV & High Speed Internet & Digital Phone


With all of the great technology that we have access to these days, it's really a great time to be alive! After all, there hasn't been any other time throughout human history that it's been possible to enjoy the full movie experience in your own home through HDTV, have access to hundreds of TV channels, be able to talk to people all over the continent for free, and to be able to bring up a wealth of information and entertainment on your computer screen! In order to do all of these things though, you need a home telecommunications service that can deliver, which means that you need XFINITY TV. Only XFINITY can give you this great combination of technology at the low prices that allow you to enjoy the services instead of stressing out about how much they cost.

The digital cable TV service that XFINITY provides is an excellent example of its dedication to high technology and great value. Every digital cable TV subscription from XFINITY will give you access to your local TV channels- which includes all of the great programming of the major TV network's- along with access to over forty channels that are dedicated to a variety of high quality music in all digital format.

Ever programming package will also provide you with interactive features like a searchable on screen program guide and video on demand which is the ultimate form of Interactive TV! Video on demand through XFINITY ON DEMAND feature will give you unlimited access to lots of great TV shows, music videos, short format videos, and pay per view movies; all of which you can watch according to your own schedule and at your own whim!

In addition to all of those great features, XFINITY will provide you with plenty of different options when it comes to the number of TV channels that you'll have access to. For example with the larger programming packages, you'll get two hundred of the great cable TV channels that underpin American culture and your choice of any of the four major premium movie packages: HBO, STARZ!, Cinemax, or Showtime.

The largest programming package simply gives you everything that's been mentioned above- including all four premium movie packages- for a selection of channels that approach three hundred in number!

XFINITY Internet Promotions
XFINITY High Speed Internet Promotions
Decide which XFINITY High-Speed Internet Deals work best for you and your family right here.

Of course these days TV isn't the only source of great entertainment. The Internet can also provide you with a lot of different options that you can enjoy, and XFINITY high speed Internet will give you the bandwidth that you need in order to enjoy all of it. One great example of this is streaming Internet video. When you try to watch streaming Internet video over a substandard connection, the video will inevitably stutter and stall when the computer is forced to wait for the data stream to catch up with the playback.

With the high connection speeds of XFINITY broad band Internet service, you'll be able to watch streaming video with the same level of ease and enjoyment as if you were watching normal TV! This great high speed Internet service also gives you access to lots of music, news, virtual reality, gaming, and many other great resources that will enhance your enjoyment of modern technology.

XFINITY Digital Voice is the future of home phone technology with all of the best calling features and free domestic long distance all built into a great, low priced calling plan!

XFINITY is definitely the company that can bring the future of home entertainment and the World Wide Web right into your home! This is the end of your search for the best cable promotions. Start now. Please call the Toll Free phone number or use our "Check Availability" tool to verify that you are in a XFINITY service area and to retrieve our XFINITY Offers.