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Get AMC on XFINITY TV from Comcast

by Julia Hall

XFINITY Still Offering AMC

Catch The Walking Dead on AMC!

The ever so popular and sought after movie and original series channel, AMC holds the record for the only basic cable network that has ever won back to back Emmy’s for Outstanding Drama Series and Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series-Drama.

It’s no wonder Dish customers were scrambling to find a provider so they could have viewing continuity of their favorite AMC series and movies. The "story matters" at AMC whether the customer experience is watching an acclaimed original series like the long running Mad Men or a newcomer like The Pitch, now currently available using your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

Fall "Shocumentaries"
Just in time for fall and the spook season, "Fearfest 2012" brought to you on AMC is introducing a short form series of new originals made for the network called Living Nightmares. The series will detail ten short story documentaries that focus on the explorations of the dark side of behind the scene myths from your favorite movies in categories like alien abduction, lurking spirits, cannibals, and the bone-chilling dangers of Halloween.

Beyond Fear
Thanks to the reliability of XFINITY, customers never missed a single episode of The Walking Dead  like the irate customers who subscribed to Dish and had their AMC cancelled as part of their lineup, especially when they were about to go into their third season of the most watched drama in basic cable history. In a world of uncertainties, Rick and the survivors are tasked with fighting the dead, but also fear their encounters with the living. The new season begins with Rick and company seeking refuge in a post-apocalyptic world, soon to discover that there are greater dangers than the known walking dead. Called the “greatest thriller ever produced for television,” season 3 will air sixteen episodes, eight of them beginning in October and the other eight airing in February 2013.

You can count on XFINITY to deliver AMC on time and on schedule year after year.

Enjoy all the great TV shows on AMC!
Enjoy AMC TV Shows with XFINITY!

The Life of Riley
Season two is just beginning as the unscripted version Comic Book Men find Kevin Smith and a bunch of his fan boys that live and work their way through the every day life of a comic book business sniffing out treasures and memorabilia. Mike, Walt, Ming, and Bryan are a hoot as they live out their super hero fantasies of life as comic book collectors. Viewers enjoy the outrageous podcasts of the crew answering the call of finding the ultimate superpowers and nostalgia of childhood. Oh the joy of reliving those superhero days.  What a job!

Reality At Its Finest
In the latest season hit from the world of advertising and totally unscripted reality, The Pitch on AMC this season shares pressure to perform and succeed behind the scenes in America’s top ad agencies as they face stiff competition to gain new accounts. The show pits two companies against each other in each episode as they make their presentations caledl "The Pitch" having only 7 days to prepare. There’s plenty of back-stabbing, brain-storming, intensity, and disagreeing as the contestants feel the pressure in a winner take all showdown. The "all in" series brings out the best and the worst as the drama unfolds and the clock ticks. Tune into the passion of The Pitch this season from AMC, where the story matters!

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