New Deadly Mysteries with ‘Shadowhunters’

Based on a book written by Cassandra Clare titled The , Shadowhunters is a fantasy drama created by Ed Decter. The novel has already been adapted into a movie that came out in 2013, titled The Moral Instruments: City of Bones. The TV show got a direct order for the show and made its debut on January 12, 2016 on Freeform, a channel owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group in the USA.


Dominic Sherwood is Jace Wayland

Dominic Sherwood is Jace Wayland

The show revolves around the life of Clary Fray. She is a young art enthusiast, who has just celebrated her 18th birthday and is excited about joining the Brooklyn Academy of Arts. However, she receives a surprise on her birthday like none other. She comes to know that she is a part of a race called Shadowhunters. Of course, she is definitely human, but has the blood of angels. This gives her supernatural powers that help her in protecting the humans from demons that lurk around. As soon as she comes to know about her true identity, her mother, Jocelyn, is abducted. She finds out that Jocelyn has been abducted by a Shadowhunter, who works outside of what they call ‘The Circle’. This rogue man is none other than Valentine Morgenstern, who is in fact Jocelyn’s husband. At this time of need, Clary does not find help anywhere. Even her most trusted people turn their back on her.
This is the incident that makes her accept her destiny and join the Shadowhunters in their quests. She now is on a journey of self-discovery and on a personal mission to save her mother. She has Jace and Simon for partners. Both the guys have completely opposite personalities. While Jace is a narcissist with a mysterious persona, Simon is a friendly and geeky fellow. Together they now live in the constant presence of werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of the dark.


The cast of the show is quite young. The lead role of Clary Fray is played by the beautiful Katherine Grace McNamara. Viewers may recognize her from MTV’s Happyland, where she played the role of Harper Monroe. She has done a decent job in bringing the character to life, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Another main character in the show is Jace Wayland, who has been played by Dominic Sherwood. He is an English actor and also a musician. In the series, he plays this mysterious and arrogant guy, who thinks he is the best. The 26-year old actor has done his share of television and films. He is most notable for his role as Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy.

There are several demons our heroes have to eliminate

There are several demons our heroes have to eliminate

The role of the coy Simon Lewis is played by Alberto Rosende. Only twenty-two years of age, he has very little exposure to television. Despite that, he has done a great job pulling this character off. He is completely believable and looks very comfortable in his skin on the show.

Then there is the part of Alec Lightwood, which has been portrayed by Matthew Daddario. He has done a fantastic job in the show. Alec is one of the few Shadowhunters, who have openly accepted to be gay. He belongs to the Lightwood family of Shadowhunters and is a lot more mature and quieter than both his siblings, Max and Isabelle.

The role of Alec’s sister, Isabelle is played by Emeraude Toubia. The Canadian actress has done a handful of small roles in various telenovelas. The main cast also includes Isaiah Mustafa and Harry Shum, Jr., who play the roles of Luke Garroway and Magnus Bane respectively. There are a lot of recurring characters in the show as well.

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray in Shadowhunters

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray in Shadowhunters

The show has been exclusively shot in Canada, particularly the University of Ontario. It has been produced by Constantin Film, the company that produced the 2013 movie as well. There are eight executive directors of the series, including Joseph McGinty or McG, Ed Decter, Robert Kulzer, Mary Viola, and Michael Reisz, among others.


First things first, people who are a stickler for adaptations to be exactly like the books are not going to like it. The show has not been filmed in mirror image of the book. In fact, the showmakers had let it known even before the show aired that what they are working on would be quite different from the novel. So, the changes really do not come as a surprise. Moreover, they seem to be acceptable because the makers have done a pretty good job with the show. There is a lot of action, the show is fast paced and keeps the viewer involved. In comparison to the book, the characters are noticeably older, and there is much more high-tech stuff that is showcased in show than what was in the book.

Emeraude Toubia

The 2013 movie based on the same book turned out to be a disappointment. So, people did not have much expectations from the show. This was a good thing for the show, since it could only go up from there. The action sequences and the premise of the show are good. However, the chemistry between the lead characters is not great. Nevertheless, the fans are waiting for it to get better as the show progresses. This has led to mixed reviews from the audiences. On Metacritic, the show has received a rating of 45/100, while on Rotten Tomatoes it could only manage a score of 5.6 out of a total of 10.

Being inspired by a successful novel like The Moral Instruments also has its perks. This lends the show the potential to become a cult classic. But for that to happen, the show should rise to a level much higher than what it is at currently. It is important that the showmakers take quick action to make the necessary changes so that the story’s complete potential is realized.

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