Bring It "On Demand" with XFINITY

With customers having more viewing requirements than ever before for their home entertainment needs, offers up to 270 channels and 100 High Definition channels with a gazillion movies, special events, comedy shows, concerts, and audio music On Demand. There are numerous ways to enhance your viewing experience as you choose from channels like Disney and TNT, or find subject matter from history to movies and sporting events.

Putting things in perspective, homes with children or teens need to know the importance of Parental Controls which are provided with your XFINITY service. You can always be in control of what your children can view. You'll have the ability to block specific programs or channels or set up restricted times when the youngsters in your household can not watch TV, like when they are supposed to be doing homework before you get home from work. Protect your children from viewing inappropriate subject matter with the easy to use Parental Controls.

XFINITY OnDemand Offers Music Lovers a Ton of Choices

Just about everybody loves some kind of music and XFINITY by Comcast loves it to. That's precisely why they have set up over forty commercial-free music channels On Demand that include categories like Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Top 40, Classical, Pop, Blues, Golden Oldies, Rock, Classic Rock, Children's, and tons more. Check it out, there's something for everyone.

XFINITY by Comcast Digital TV with On Demand offers the ultimate convenience right at your fingertips. A special “On Demand” button is featured on your remote for the convenience of one-button access to the On Demand list of programming. Hit the button, or access the menu of shows from channel one and see the vast collection of the hottest new movies and hit TV shows, Sports, Comedy, news, classic movies, children's shows, and family appropriate programming. With XFINITY On Demand, it's that simple. Find out more about other here!

If you think bigger is better, then you are right on the money when it comes to XFINITY On Demand shows and programs in high quality video and audio productions. Movie lovers can watch the free choices, the hottest new releases, or subscribe to Starz On Demand to see productions before they air on the networks. No matter whether you choose a package with 80,120, or 200 channels you'll get access to all 8000 On Demand selections twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

With XFINITY Digital TV w/ On Demand service, customers are provided with an ultimate array of program features having over 80 channels of digital TV, 17,000 On Demand selections, over 35 Pay-Per View channels, and 45 different music channels. What more could you ask for?

XFINITY Digital TV and On Demand bedazzles viewers with a host of movies, shows, and programs in a lineup that is over the top, whipping up on standard TV as it boasts picture quality that is more than 6 times superior to ensure that no customer ever has to be subjected to boring TV again. Offering thousands of choices that stimulate and excite the viewers in ways never thought possible, customers can experience TV the XFINITY way.

Move Buffs Love XFINITY OnDemand

XFINITY offers the hottest movies and original series shows On Demand before they air on premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and TMC. This give customers five more reasons to make XFINITY their preferred provider. It's a no-brainer to miss out on all the phenomenal program choices, premiums, category selections, subscription channels, and a gazillion other things that comes with the finest cable service available in home entertainment.

Choosing XFINITY Digital TV for your household TV provider is like saving the day as they deliver you exceptional theater-style entertainment to share with your family and enjoy anytime anybody in the house feels like it. All you have to do is order up an On Demand favorite and you'll be able to watch it over and over for up to 24 hours after you originally ordered it, without having to drive anywhere, buy expensive popcorn, or pay ten dollars per person for a ticket to see a good movie. So fill up your family room with family, friends, and neighbors and have the time of your life as you all enjoy a new release movie for under $5. How's that for a budget pleaser?

On Demand is the key to TV anytime you need it. There's no timelines to live by. Simply pick up your remote and scroll through the selections of the on-screen guide to find a program or movie that interests you the most. The control is up to you as take charge of the exciting entertainment choices you'd like to experience.

Learn More About XFINITY OnDemand Programming

Today it may be talk shows, tonight it may be a movie or comedy, the next day it could be a live event concert featuring your favorite musical group, but no matter what you choose, it will be great TV because that is all you get from XFINITY digital TV On Demand programming.

Standing behind their spectacular services, offering them at an affordable price, and striving daily to continue to remain the market leader is the reason more customers than ever before are switching to Comcast Digital TV with On Demand.