Sylvester Stallone Makes Another Great Movie - Creed

Creed - Rocky Continues

Sylvester Stallone’s Creed Is A Success!

Sylvester Stallone has acted in over 50 different movies in his entire film career. While it was the Rambo series that brought him much commercial success, it has always been the Rocky franchise that was close to his heart, and also brought him immense critical applaud. In fact, it was Stallone that first wrote the screenplay for Rocky, and took it to the producers for making it into a movie. His only condition was that he be cast as the leading man. Although the producers were apprehensive of the new actor, they decided to go with the story and hence, Stallone with it. The rest is history. The six Rocky movies that eventually came to be were among the highest grossing movies of Stallone’s career, and were certainly among his best, according to many critics and fans.

The recent Rocky movies have not been able to capture the imagination of the audiences similarly and have also not been praised as the first ones. That is, until Creed. Creed, which was only released in November 2015, soon came to be recognized as the best Rocky movie in the recent years. In fact, Creed is Stallone’s third nomination for the Academy Awards, and the first since the very first Rocky movie.

has witnessed many firsts in the Rocky series. For one, it is the first Rocky movie, in which Stallone is not the lead character, but plays a supporting role. It is also the first movie in the series to not actually have the name Rocky in its title. In another first for the series, Stallone has not contributed creatively to the movie, as a screenwriter. However, he has indicated his willingness to continue to be part of the series alongside Michael B. Jordon in the sequels, which also hints that there will be more of Rockys and Creeds in the future.

The lead character in the movie is Donnie. Donnie is the son of a former heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed. Donnie never met his father, as he died even before Donnie was born. But, Donnie shares the same passion for Boxing as his father. Yet, his attempts to pursue his dreams of becoming a boxing champion get shattered in the nascent stage. Planning a comeback, he looks for and finds his father’s old time friend and rival, Rocky Balboa. Rocky is not interested to get back to boxing after his last event. He had to face a fight despite a severe brain trauma. However, Rocky eventually sees his friend Apollo’s traits in Donnie and agrees to train him. With Rocky as his mentor, Donnie does get a fighting chance at the championship. But, does he have the mettle to clinch the championship?

In the role of Donnie, Jordon has offered the Hollywood the good old underdog rising against the more established star formula, which never quite gets old. Creed is more than just two puffed up bodies fighting each other. There are many heartwarming scenes between the main characters. Rocky comes to know that he is suffering from cancer, but refuses to undergo chemo since it could not save his wife, Adrian, when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Overall, this is one of the finest movies from Stallone, and the one, where he passes on the baton.

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