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Enjoy All Your Favorite History Channel Shows with XFINITY TV from Comcast
by Julia Hall


Ice Road Truckers

The show "Ice Road Truckers" offers thrills, with moments of apprehension and breath-holding excitement that span icy, snow-covered roads, dangerous turns and inexperienced drivers. To make matters more complicated, these truckers are competing against each other. Find other XFINITY TV Channels you might enjoy!

Get The History Channel on XFINITY TV
Watch The History Channel on XFINITY TV

Filmed like a documentary, "Ice Road Truckers" shows the dangerous routes these truckers have to take to deliver their goods. These brave souls drive across ice covered rivers and lakes, trusting the ice to support the weight of the truck and cargo. They brave the elements as they drive across the Arctic terrain through Alaska and Canada, including the Dalton Highway. Notorious for its unforgiving nature, the Artic is always a challenge for any who are desperate enough to brave it.

The History Channel offers this reality series, now in its sixth season, on the History Channel, at 9 pm on Sundays.

The History Channel
The History Channel is the home to shows like "American Pickers", "Pawn Stars", "Counting Cars" and "American Restoration" and more. This gritty, funny and very entertaining lineup of reality shows offers something for everyone.

History also provides an offering of shows for scripted programming fans. This scripted programming covers everything from Viking life to Mayan predictions and aliens.

Families can enjoy most of this programming together. For the scripted and non-scripted shows that are portraying more mature themes, parents can ask their cable provider for a DVR, or HD-DVR. These devices offer Parental Controls that allow for program blocking.

These devices are also great when it comes to fitting this programming into busy schedules. They can record, rewind, pause and fast forward content families want to watch later. Not only can families view an entire season without missing an episode, but they can watch all of their episodes on their time.

The History Channel offers this programming in standard or HD for crisp, vivid detail, and surround sound.

XFINITY Offers The History Channel
XFINITY Offers The History Channel

Swamp People
When Louisiana was settled, its people had to be as harsh as the environment they were living in. In an environment where the predators were more vicious and dangerous than the people, and the wilderness that surrounded them was vast and untamed, man had to pit his wits against the unknown to survive.

Today, the wilderness has been tamed, somewhat, but the predators are still more dangerous than the people. Louisiana’s native inhabitants have become known as the Cajuns, and the Cajuns have their work cut out for them as they hunt in the wilds of the Bayou, with hundreds of miles of wetlands and marsh to navigate through. History follows these people as they hunt for alligators, and encounter some of the many dangers Louisiana holds.

Historical Information
Whether you want to check out "Ice Road Truckers", or hold your breath while you watch "Swamp People", History can offer a rich and diverse programming selection.

This channel has something for all age groups, and it can be an aid in providing children in the home with rich and entertaining educational materials. Look for History on a programming package through your local XFINITY TV provider.


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