Jaimie Alexander’s Spectacular Career

Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander is an American actress, who is best known for her roles in the TV series, Kyle XY, Sif and films like Thor. Among other projects, the actress will also be seen in the sequel of Thor, due to be released in 2017. All covered in tattoos, in her current avatar of Jane Doe, Jamie Alexander is in the NBC thriller action drama, Blindspot.

Jaimie hails from Grapevine, Texas, where she moved at the age of five from Greenville in South Carolina. She was the only sister to four brothers. She had been into theater since her grade school, but did not take it up professionally. She was also told that she could not sing well. So, she dropped theater altogether and instead, got into sports. She was seventeen when she met Randy James, her manager, by sheer chance. However, it was only after completing her graduation, did Jaimie move to Los Angeles, to pursue a career in acting.

Jaimie Alexander launched her Hollywood career in 2003, with the movie, The Other Side, in the role of Hanna Thompson. Though a low budget project, the movie, directed by Gregg Bishop, won many awards. Gregg Bishop was the one who picked Jaimie for the role of Hannah. As she puts it, “I got into the business all by chance. I really enjoy what I do now, but it wasn't always a huge dream of mine. I think I always had thought about it growing up, though.” Her second project was Squirrel Trap, where Jaimie portrayed the character of Sara. She was cast against Keith Staley in the movie. She also did small roles in popular TV shows such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Standoff, and others.

It was in 2006 that Jaimie started appearing in bigger and more memorable roles. It started with Watch Over Me, where she played the role of Caitlin Porter. The role brought her a lot of recognition and she landed the role of Nicole Carrow, the lead role in the horror movie Rest Stop. The movie was about a couple who escape on a road trip, and get stopped in their tracks by a serial killer. In 2007, she was again cast in the main role in the movie, Hallowed Ground. She portrayed the character of Elizabeth Chambers, who is stuck with an orthodox sect that believes that she is the only one who can act as a chalice for the resurrection of their founder. Starting with her initial roles, consciously or unconsciously, Jaimie Alexander has played roles that had a strong presence throughout the movie. This not only made her visible, but also set her up for bigger things.

Then came one of the most popular roles of her acting career, Jessi in Kyle XY. It was a family entertainment show that was based on the life of Kyle, a strange teenage boy. Jaimie played the role of his female counterpart. She portrayed the troubled teen and how she finds her way in the world with the help of Kyle, who she eventually falls in love with. Though the central character was that of Kyle, Jessi also managed to garner a huge fan following. This show made her a star in the real sense. Now, she was a recognizable face who made guest appearances on hugely popular TV series like CSI: Miami and Bones. In 2009, she was also seen in a music video by Matthew Perryman Jones for the song, Save You.

Her biggest break yet, came in the form of Thor, later in 2009. The superhero action film directed by Kenneth Branagh saw her playing the role of Sif. The character was based on Norse goddess Sif. She is a warrior of Asgard and fights alongside Thor in all battles. She was also a part of the sequel of the movie, Thor: The Dark World, released in 2013. She was also seen in some episodes of the television adaptation, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in 2014 and 2015.

While doing her roles in the cult classics like Thor, Jaimie was also busy with other interesting projects. She was a part of the comedy film, Loosies. Here, she was seen sharing screen space with Peter Facinelli. She played the role of Lucy Atwood, who had a one night stand with Bobby, Peter’s character. Now, pregnant with his child, Lucy gives him a chance to be a father. The movie was directed by Michael Corrente. She was also seen in the third season of the Showtime comedy, Nurse Jackie. She played the role of Tunie Peyton, the childish sister-in-law of Jackie, played by Edie Falco. She was also a part of the second season on Covert Affairs, which aired in 2011. In the meanwhile, Jaimie also appeared in a web series titled Ultradome. The web production was for MSN and was produced by Milo Ventimigila. In 2011, Jaimie came together once again with her very first director, Gregg Bishop, and NBC Universal for the movie, Birds of Anger. Interestingly enough, the movie was inspired by the mobile game, Angry Birds and showcases unexplained bird attacks like in the sixties movie, The Birds.

In 2013, Jaimie appeared in the movie, Savannah. The film explores the unorthodox friendship between Christmas Moultrie (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a slave who is now free, and Ward Allen (Jim Caviezel), a descendant of a privileged family. Jaimie Alexander played the character of Lucy, Ward Allen’s wife. She married Ward against her father’s wishes, who wanted to marry her off to a wealthy aristocratic family. She perfectly portrayed the role of a disturbed woman who is coping through a stillbirth, and the heavy drinking and obsessive hunting habits of her husband. Directed, written and produced by Annette Haywood Carter, the movie received mixed reviews.

Jaimie added the Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer action and comedy flick, The Last Stand, to her kitty in 2013. The movie marked the directorial debut of the Korean director, Kim Jee-woon. Jaimie played the role of Deputy Sarah Torrence. The movie created a lot of buzz way before its release, as it marked the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to a lead role after a hiatus of 10 years since the last Terminator. The movie did well and the tough yet likeable character of Sarah was appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

In 2012, Jaimie started dating Peter Facinelli, her Loosies co-star. The two have been together since and got engaged in 2015. Jaimie Alexander is a talented actress, who has shown her acting prowess time and again. With big budget movies in her kitty, we will be seeing a lot of this American beauty on the big screen. 

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