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OptiNet Business

When you’re looking for value and the best service, we are the answer. It’s your choice - OPT IN to OptiNet.

Internet & Data


With the area’s only 100% fiber-optic network, we offer data solutions for smaller, local businesses as well as enterprise-scale companies. Our infrastructure can deliver the consistency, speed and reliability that your company deserves.

OptiNet offers countless affordable business Internet and Data service options that will help your company perform at a higher level. From video conferencing to transmitting large files, you’ll be able to accomplish what you want, when and where you want.

Our knowledgeable team will assist you in selecting the right connectivity for your applications, with standard Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps symmetrical and LAN speeds also up to 1 Gbps. Most importantly, our solutions can be tailored and scaled to meet the changing needs of your business and fit within your budget.


100% FIBER-OPTIC SPEEDS Delivered on Southwest Virginia’s first and only 100% fiber-optic network, OptiNet Internet & Data for business delivers the highest bandwidth you can get, with virtually unlimited possibilities to meet your company’s needs now and in the future. OptiNet allows you to share huge presentation files, videos and diagnostic images in seconds. And since it’s built for your community, OptiNet Internet & Data for business is backed by the local customer service and reliability you expect from all BVU services.

CUSTOM BUSINESS SOLUIONS Whether your business is a quaint, local shop or an international enterprise, OptiNet’s team of dedicated professionals can tailor a solution to your specific needs. Our team of professionals can help you find the right technology balance for your business.

Phone Service


Get cutting-edge technology and a great rate to match. With OptiNet Voice, you can choose from a variety of powerful calling features and flexible packages to ensure your customers can always connect with your teams.

With OptiNet, all calls are placed and received over our private, innovative fiber network, giving you the ultimate in digital voice clarity and reliability — with all of the advanced communications services you need.

Our flexible Business Voice and traditional phone service packages offer a wide selection of features and calling plans, plus a free listing in the local Yellow Pages.


LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING SYSTEM Increase the power of your existing PBX phone system with a voice service that’s more flexible and secure — featuring blazing-fast Internet speeds.

UPGRADE TO Unlimited capacity and flexibility Instantly upgrade your existing VoIP-PBX connection with a Session Initiated Protocol Trunk (SIP Trunk) service. Replace traditional phone lines with one to several hundred communication paths — all delivered over a pure fiber connection.

Your business will function more efficiently with our SIP Business Trunking. We supply you with critical information about peak call times, missed calls and other important data to uncover missed opportunities. This premier business telephone solution puts total control of your communications in your hands.

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to keep the same phone numbers. Everything is software provisioned over a state-of-the-art network that we protect, monitor and manage around the clock.

Business TV


Make your employees and clients feel welcome and informed with the latest news, financial, weather and entertainment programming. With an array of available stations, your customers and staff will thank you for having this easy-to-manage service.

We offer various plans designed to fit the needs of your business. With several packages and tiers, and private/public viewing options available, OptiNet is sure to exceed your expectations.


SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Nearly 300 channels choices and plenty of crystal-clear HD. 40+ commercial-free digital music channels.

RELIABILITY OptiNet Business TV gives you access to great programming over a state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure. Don’t worry about poor reception and expensive equipment like with satellite. Plus you’ll have the support of our team of local professionals to ensure that your staff and customers receive the best possible service.

ADDED VALUE OptiNet Business TV can make wait times feel quicker, make break times more relaxing, and keep everyone informed of the latest in news and entertainment. Give your customers a more enjoyable experience by providing the finest programming from the area’s only 100% fiber-optic provider.

Cloud Services


Plan on the best and prepare for the worst. We offer comprehensive cloud-based file backup and data protection plans that are designed specifically for your company’s needs. Traditionally known as colocation service, OptiNet’s cloud-based solutions ensure that your digital assets are protected from the unknown. Our team of highly-educated engineers can custom-design a protection plan that fits the needs of your business.


COMPETITIVELY PRICED Our team of system engineers will assist you in building a plan that compliments your company’s existing business model. We can find the right backup and data protection plan that let’s your operations team rest easier and still fits within your company’s budget.

SECURE & CONVENIENT With gated grounds, RFID door locks and a top-of-the-line surveillance and security system, our location just off Exit 7 10 of I-81 is both secure and accessible. As our customer, you will have 24/7/365 access to your information. We understand that your files and data are what keep your business moving forward. We make it our goal to connect your business with the best services in file backup and data protection – think of us as the nest for your business’s golden egg.

RELIABILE FACILITIES Our data center features the most advanced systems around – boasting Dual-Environment Climate Controls, Fire-Suppression Systems, Generator Backup and Uninterrupted Dual UPS Backup. We’ve covered all the bases to ensure that your information is secure and preserved.