Saturday Night Live Timeline - Cast and Characters

SNL Timeline

Everyone has watched Saturday Night Live at least once. Even if you don’t like the guest, you watch for the skits. It has been on for almost four decades and has spawned a solid franchise and ratings base for NBC.

The popular show has had many guests over the years. However, some guests have been banned from returning to the show like naughty children. Meet the guests that were told never to come back:

Chevy Chase, one of the original SNL cast members was banned. He was called on his highly abusive language to the cast and crew. He has returned several times since this ban.

Adrien Brody may have won an Academy Award for Best Actor, but that didn’t earn him any brownie points with Lorne Micheals, the producer for SNL. Brody was banned for his unscripted introduction and his choice of wardrobe- fake dreadlocks for Sean Paul, a Jamaican musician. Michaels’ hatred for unscripted material is legendary. Michaels banned Brody but left the improvised introduction in the show.

Steven Seagal is known for his lethal martial arts skills but his comedy routine seems to suck. Seagal was banned from “Saturday Night Live” when he got named the “worst host ever”.

Sinead O’Connor was banned for tearing up a picture of the Pope during her musical performance on “Saturday Night Live”. While singing the song “War” by Bob Marley, she substituted the word “racism” for “child abuse”. She held up a picture of a refugee child in rehearsals but a picture of the Pope on television. O’Connor said she did so to protest the reports of child abuse circulating at the time. She is never allowed back.

Maybe after a time-out, some of these guests can return. Until then, there are plenty of other guests to enjoy in their absences.

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