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Do you ever wonder if you are having an influence on Twitter and Facebook?  It is possible to measure the impact on Social Media influence. Tools that allow users to measure their influence on anything from teenage drinking to how possible it is to influence the election are available and beginning to pop up everywhere. There are some of the ways to keep up with what is happening in the Twitter influential media frenzy and to measure how effective it is.

Users between 20 and 40 are the most widely tracked users of social media in the US and it is possible for them to influence things like the presidential election. Just think, after the first debate there were some 7 million Tweets on specific comments and the final debate offered up more than 13 million.

Social media, just like traditional news media and programming can change views as its influence tends to cause and compel listeners and users to follow the lead of others.  While some people like to think they have the intelligence and fortitude to listen, educate, and choose their own ideas out of the mess, there are many who will simply follow the lead of someone else, right or wrong.  

Let’s take for example the purchase of a new iPhone 5. There are lots of options, information, specifications, features, and reviews one can find in books and online or from others who may have purchased the unit already. However, it is a proven fact that influence is the number one reason most people purchase a product or service.  Few people actually take the time to research and find the best deal but depend on advertising whether it is online, on TV, or word of mouth.

With that being said, the world of social media is no different.  When you look at Tweets and Facebook comments and ads, it’s no different.  Buyers or voters are influenced by what they see or hear more than they are what they know to be true.  “Let everybody else do your homework for you” is the theory here.  The problem is, you are taking someone else’s word for it and running with it. Ultimately, people tend to make decisions based on influence and today that adds up to social media.

Social media influence offers intelligence and analysis for business professionals that want to learn how to understand and evolve their business in the online world of communication. The presidential campaign was no different than marketing a product. When the last debate took place, there were millions of tweets that went out about Mitt Romney’s comment on cutting funding for PBS and Big Bird.  Just how many families with children do you think marked him off their voting list for that one comment that resonated over the “tweet” channels?  The truth is, why should the federal government pay for broadcasting?  Let PBS find its own advertising and funds to operate just like the other networks, but all because of the influence of those social media tweets to over 10 million people, no doubt many voted the other way because of it and the influence it carried from others who disagreed with Romney’s comment and stance.