What is XFINITY from Comcast?

XFINITY TV is Your Gateway to Exceptional Entertainment

XFINITY Internet Specials

If you've never been excited by your home television service, you've never experienced XFINITY TV. XFINITY TV is the amazing new cable service that brings you all of the newest and best features and options. They offer more channels than any of the traditional providers and have great extras that let you customize your viewing experience.

While other companies provide cookie cutter packages full of mediocre service, XFINITY TV delivers dozens of options to build your own package full of top quality entertainment service. In this day and age, you have a lot of providers that you can choose from; if you want the best services built on the newest technologies, you want XFINITY TV.

The incredible cutting edge technology used by XFINITY TV allows them to deliver far more channels than traditional cable television channels. That means that you can get more than two hundred of the best channels available anywhere. Those channels are loaded with entertaining programs for everyone in your family. From sports fanatics to toddlers, there are tons of channels for every interest and age group. With this many channels to choose from, you'll never have trouble finding great shows for everyone in your home to enjoy.

With the included Onscreen Guide, you won't have any problems keeping track of all of that great programming either. The Onscreen Guide lets you look into the future, seeing all of the upcoming programming two weeks in advance. That makes it easy to schedule the shows you want to watch and figure out what your family wants to watch.

With a simple press of a button, you can set reminders to tell you when shows you want to watch are about to begin. You'll never have to worry about getting distracted and missing your favorite show again. The Onscreen Guide also gives you access to reviews and ratings of all the upcoming shows, so you can pick what you want to see and decide which programs are appropriate for your family to watch.

If you've ever dealt with arguments when two shows your family wants to see are on at the same time, then you'll love the Digital Video Recorder. It's the easiest way to record programs and control the television schedule. You can record one show while watching TV, or even while watching a previously recorded show. Your family will never have to argue over scheduling conflicts again. Just watch one show and DVR the other to watch later.

The DVR uses state of the art digital technology, so the recording will be as crisp and clear as if it was a live broadcast. You can set the DVR from the Onscreen Guide with the push of a button or, if you forget to set it, you can access it from a computer or mobile device and change the programming. It puts you in complete control of your television schedule, letting you decide when to watch your favorite shows and movies.

XFINITY Internet has Extra Speed

XFINITY Internet Specials

You don't have to put up with a slow internet connection to save a little bit of money. The inexpensive price of cut rate internet service isn't worth the frustration you and your family will suffer when you try to use the internet. A slow connection doesn't just slow things down, it actually keeps some online features from working at all. Newer web pages and applications use advanced features that require a lot more data than they used to.

You need a fast connection to transfer all of that data. If it takes too long to transfer, the page can time out or crash, causing you to lose data. Really advanced features like streaming HD movies and online games won't even load on a slower connection—you'll just get an error message telling you that you need more speed. That's where XFINITY Internet comes in.

You too can experience the internet service that PC Magazine named the fastest in the nation. XFINITY Internet comes in a variety of affordable packages designed to give you the speed you want at a price you deserve. And there are no cut rate services with XFINITY Internet. There smallest package is still faster than DSL and gives you the power to handle current and future online applications. You and your family will get more out your time online, with less frustration and more productivity. The blazing fast speeds will make everything that you do on the internet more enjoyable.

Get Exceptional Service with XFINITY Voice

Even with the popularity of email and text messages, many people still prefer to hear the sound of their loved one's voices. With a poor connection, you may hear more static than loved one on your home telephone. The older technology used by many telephone providers just doesn't provide very good call quality. It can be a struggle to hear voices and delays and echoes can ruin flow of your conversation.

XFINITY Voice doesn't suffer from any of the connection issues that plague older services. They've developed exciting new technology that turns your calls into a compressed stream of digital data. That protects the signal from interference that affects older analog signals from traditional providers. All of your telephone conversations will sound so clear, it will be like you're having the conversation face to face. Take the feeling of distance out of your long distance calls with XFINTY Voice.

Get Extreme Savings with XFINITY Triple Play

Getting all of the great XFINITY services in one package is a great way to save some money and enjoy the best entertainment products available. The XFINITY Triple Play lets you combine three of your favorite services into a bundle that will save you a lot of money. Not only do you get three great products, you also get them at a significant discount. XFINITY Triple Play gives you XFINITY TV, XFINITY Internet, and XFINITY Voice together for less than they would cost to purchase separately.