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XFINITY TV fom Comcast Offers 3D!

Turn Your Living Room into a Movie Theater – 3D from XFINITY TV


There’s a whole new dimension just waiting on you to turn it on at XFINITY , the nation’s leader in HD choices and now the leader in 3D programming. You heard it here first, customers can now enjoy an enhanced and expanding lineup of selections of sensational 3D movies and shows On Demand. XFINITY TV Offers a 3D channel that delivers programming 24 hours a day, plus you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite sporting events on ESPN3D. The best part is, if you are already an HD customer, there’s no additional charge for 3D service.

In order to enjoy the new dimension in TV programming, there a few things you must be sure of before you are ready to go. To get movies, shows, and events formatted in high definition 3D, customers need a specific set top box. TiVo series 3 and HD DVR's will support access to 3D programming.  These devices are available from your local XFINITY TV provider.

Customers will need to ensure they have a 3D-ready TV, as well as 3D glasses that work with your specific television. Most TV’s come with one or more pairs of glasses.  If you need additional pairs, check with your TV manufacturer. Customers who wear prescription glasses should wear the 3D glasses over their prescription glasses.

The new 3D program channel has lots of fabulous movies and shows for you and your household to enjoy 24 hours a day, everyday. Just when you thought theater-like HD programming was the greatest thing since grandma’s apple pie, XFINITY starts delivering the same type of 3D programming that you used to only be able to see in the theaters to homes as well!

XFINITY 3D TV Programming
XFINITY 3D TV Programming Offers

Check out some of the sensational 3D programs that are offered this month in 3D with your XFINITY TV with HD lineup. For starters, you’ll be able to enjoy things like the John Carter science fiction action film about the adventure of character John Carter, a heroic protagonist, as he embarks on his journey on a mysterious planet.

Another great film production that will have you on the edge of your seat in 3D format is Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, where Sean Anderson and Hank, Sean’s new stepfather, start out on an adventure together to find a mysterious island. On the journey, Sean receives a surprising distress signal from a mysterious island where there should not be an island. The trip yields a place of strange forms of life, mountains of pure gold, horrific and deadly volcanoes, and plenty of astonishing secrets.

Kids and parents alike will enjoy the adventuresome film with the sweet little penguins as they relax to the likes of Happy Feet Two. Po is living his dream as The Dragon Warrior as he protects The Valley of Peace with the Furious Five. Unfortunately, his new life is threatened by some villain with a plan to conquer China and destroy kung fu. Erik struggles with what his talents are in the Emperor Penguin world. Mumble, Erik’s dad, his family, and friends uncover a new threat and know it will take everyone working together in order to save them. Order XFINITY Digital TV Services and get HD, 3D, and DVR features.

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