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XFINITY from Comcast Offers Basic Cable Channel Options

by Julia Hall

Sometimes the sheer number of channels that are available through certain packages can be daunting. Sometimes you don't need a million channels to make your family happy. Sometimes the basic channels are enough. With Basic Cable, families can get the necessities, without spending excess money on channels that won't be watched. XFINITY has a complete selection of programming packages that offer specific channels that meet specific tastes, so there is plenty to choose from. However, if a large 200 hundred plus channel package is not what you need, and basic services are enough, you can find that, too. Click here to !

XFINITY TV Channel Options
XFINITY TV Channel Plans

Sometimes, huge channel selections are not possible with the current budget. Sometimes, working with what you have is good enough. Even with a limited selection of channels on Basic Cable, there are ways to spice your package up for a completely satisfying experience. Check out this page if you enjoy all the "End of the World" shows on TV.

XFINITY has all the special touches needed for an incredible programming package that satisfies all the age groups in the home. With a basic channel package, you can mix and match with On Demand and Pay Per View services, or sports and movie premiums. With XFINITY TV , you even have access to 3D formatting for new movie releases. Through XFINITY, even with a Basic Cable package, there's something new and exciting for everyone.

No matter what you like to watch, a Basic Cable package can help you entertain your family. XFINITY Basic Cable Channels offers exciting TV channels like MTV, ESPN, the History Channel, Discovery Channel and Nickelodeon. These are channels that can provide stimulating content for the children and the adults in the house. You don't have to go without with a smaller channel package.

Basic Cable still provides quality with digital standard and HD formatting. This means that you can watch your shows in vivid, digital clarity, with surround sound. It also means reliability, because you don't have to worry about the service going out in a storm.

When there are limited resources for family night, you may choose to stay in and watch a new movie release. You can access these selections through On Demand. XFINITY TV has the largest On Demand selection available, with over 17,000 selections, including the newest movie releases, the latest episodes of the best series, music videos, children's shows, sports shows, premiers and more. The On Demand library offers new, fresh content on a regular basis, so you never have to do without, even on a smaller channel selection.

XFINITY also provides a large Pay Per View selection. You don't have to go out of your way to get the action, blood and sweat you want. You can watch the grueling defeats and soaring victories of live UFC fights from your couch. Or, you can watch music concerts and stand up comedy from your favorite artists and comedians. When your night calls for extreme action, you can have it.

XFINITY Basic Cable Channels
XFINITY TV Basic Cable Channels

XFINITY has other benefits for the Basic package. You can indulge a little with a DVR or HD-DVR. This equipment can be your best friend on a busy work week. Not only can it record your shows, but it can rewind, pause and fast forward through them, as you need them to. These devices can also work with the content you watch through On Demand and Pay Per View. When you are watching a new movie release or a live UFC fight, you can make your own instant replays, fast forward to the best parts and pause for a snack.

All of this programming remains family-friendly with the benefit of Parental Controls. These controls are the easiest solution for appropriate home viewing. These Parental Controls can block specific channels, or shows that you wouldn't want your children to see. These shows are only accessible to the parents or caregivers that have the pin. You can use these Parental Controls to give you the peace of mind you need, even if you are not in the room, or even at home, when they want to watch them.

The best part about having a Basic Cable is the ability to add a sports or movie premium. With a premium, you don't have to subscribe to hundreds of channels to get the ones you want. All you have to do sign up for the ones you want.

There's no end to the home entertainment you can have, on the budget you can handle. Even with a limited number of channels, you children and you friends can get the entertainment they need.

If you ever do decide to upgrade your package, XFINITY does have hundreds of channels to choose from. These selections include hundreds of sports, movies and family programming. With the addition of a 3D set, you can get a 3D theater experience in your home. So, no matter what you need for home entertainment, XFINITY can provide.

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