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XFINITY DVR Deals – Never Miss a Second of Your Favorite Show


Recording of TV programming has been around for years now, but never with the technology that the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has brought into the modern age and into the homes of digital TV customers. When adding a DVR to your XFINITY Digital TV service, you’ll never have to miss a moment of any show you really wanted to see but were not around when it came on.

Easy and quick control of your DVR is a snap. You can record with the touch of a single button and play it back when the notion strikes you. Recording options range from recording a single show, recording an entire series, and recording all episodes or just new ones in a series, to recording two shows at the same time or recording one program while you watch another.

Customers also have the ability to pause the program to get a snack, answer the phone, see who is at the door, or break up a fight between the kids and resume it at the place where they left off when they are finished. With a DVR, viewers can additionally fast- forward and rewind the recordings as well as rewind live TV. Creating your own instant replay in sporting events is possible when you have a DVR, as well as having the ability to playback recordings in slow motion. DVR’s are just the greatest gadget ever!

Recordings on a DVR are stored in memory on an internal hard drive like you have on your computer.  Unlike the old versions of recorders like the VCR and DVD recorders, there no need for CD’s or disks stacked up all over the place around the TV since recordings are stored in memory on the hard drive.  Storage capacity varies between providers, but with the XFINITY DVR customers can store up to 90 hours of programming. 

Other options that can be controlled by the users of DVR’s include setting how you wish the programs to be saved or deleted. One can choose for the show to be deleted after you watch it, saved until you delete it manually, or have the DVR select to delete the oldest programs in order to record and store new episodes as needed. Parents also have the option to set Parental Controls up for recorded programs in case they are not suitable for the children in the house.


When setting up a recording of a series, you’ll want to be sure you set the DVR to record all episodes to ensure you never miss a single show.  The DVR even has the capability to skip over reruns provided you set the recording options up that way. Sometimes the times that a series airs is changed by the network, but your DVR will handle the time changes without you worrying about it. All you do is set your series recording of your favorite shows and the DVR will manage the scheduling. It’s called “smarter DVR.”

One of the really cool features of your DVR has nothing at all to do with recording shows. If you are watching a live show and have to run to answer the phone or get interrupted for some reason, you’ll have the ability to rewind the live show to the point that you missed and watch it all without missing a second. Another option to use in this situation is the pause feature.  It works on live TV as well when you have DVR technology. Don’t you wonder how you’ve gotten along without this wonderful device for so long?

Not all DVR’s are the same.  They vary in storage capacity and capabilities depending on the provider.  The DVR’s from XFINITY are available in three different types with many options. Currently, the most popular is the HD DVR since the majority of people now have HDTV’s.  The XFINITY Digital TV in HD only uses one set top box to provide your DVR and HD service.

Your HD DVR has up to 500GB of storage. In terms that everyone can understand, this means users can store up to 300 hours of Standard Definition programming or up to 60 hours of High Definition programming. Recording and viewing options include recording one show while watching something else or recording two shows at the same time.  You may also watch one of the two shows that are recording. It also includes Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound if available in your area.

The second type of DVR has up to 80 GB of storage capability. Users can store up to 45 hours of Standard Definition programming. The same recording and viewing capabilities apply as the with the HD DVR units.

DVR Service from XFINITY
DVR Service

The newest DVR type at XFINITY is the On Demand TiVo Premiere (may not yet be available in all areas/check with your provider). TiVo meshes online and On Demand together to offer great web entertainment through the use of a DVR box. For the first time ever, customers now can have On Demand with entertainment from the internet like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube.  All this great new entertainment is easy to use and searchable from your HDTV. Is that technology or what? One box does it all.

With the busy lives that families have these days, family night can really be a challenge.  Most households have both mom and dad working and then trying to juggle kids schedules for dance, sports, and other activities makes getting together impossible. Lots of teenagers and older kids also have jobs, which makes getting the family all together to see a show even more of a problem.  Thanks to DVR technology, if mom has a show she wants the family to see, it is now possible even if they can all be together at the same time.

The recording of a show on your DVR is the latest modern advancement in recording television programming without the need for extra boxes and equipment to deal with. Recording programs that are missed can be viewed over and over since they are stored on a hard drive that holds hours of programming. This means that every member of the household can see the program once mom records it. Since the show can be watched over and over, everyone will be able to view it when their schedule allows.

You really don’t want to be without this 8th wonder of the world, so get on the phone and call to get you XFINITY Digital TV in HD with DVR today.

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