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XFINITY from Comcast Internet Plans

Starting at $29.99

Performance Offer

  • 20Mbps downstream speed with Powerboost®
  • Constant Guard security suite
  • Share photos, music, surf, shop
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 email accounts
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $49.99

Blast Plus Offer

  • 30Mbps download speed (50% faster than Performance)
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value)
  • Share music, photos, play interactive games, browse
  • XFINITY Connect with 7 email accounts with 10MB storage each
  • Streampix – streaming HD movies in seconds
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $114.95

Extreme 50 Offer

  • 50Mbps powerful download capability
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value)
  • Stream videos and movies at lightning fast speeds
  • Access to 3500 live sporting events –
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 personalized email accounts and 10MB storage
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $199.95

Extreme 105 Offer

  • 105Mbps power driven download speeds
  • Rated fastest ISP in 2011 by PC Magazine
  • Constant Guard comprehensive security suite ($360 value) with file backup and file share
  • Stream videos and movies at lightning fast speeds, no buffering or lagging
  • Access to 3500 live sporting events on  ESPN3
  • XFINITY Connect account with 7 personalized email accounts and 10MB storage
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


XFINITY Internet Plans
XFINITY High Speed Internet Plans

Why Sign Up for XFINITY Internet Plans ?

If you are tired of your old Internet plan and looking for a new option, XFINITY Internet Plans by XFINITY are the easy answer. There are an abundance of reasons why you should choose  probably more than you had imagined. Not only will you be provided with the most reliable and the fastest WiFi connection, you can get it everywhere in your home on all of your devices, at absolutely any time. Even while you are away from your house you can stay connected.

Fastest Speed

Having fast Internet can be a must for some people; especially those who conduct a lot of business online. Ultimately having  is going to make your life easier and more efficient, no matter who you are. Another great thing about XFINITY is that you can rely on your Internet speed even during the peak hours when the Internet connection gets bogged down—but not with XFINITY. Maybe you aren't really looking for the fastest, and that is okay too! You can choose from a selection of Internet speeds to meet your unique and individual standards. If you just use the Internet from time to time to Google something or send an email, you may not need the fastest connection, and XFINITY can provide you with the perfect speed just for you. On the other hand you may work from home, do school at home, or watch a lot of streaming movies and television shows at home—in which case, Internet speed makes a very big impact on your life. If that is the case XFINITY can still meet your needs.

Internet Security

Of course, the Internet is riddled with viruses and spyware. It is almost impossible to search the web without encountering any such problems, and if you are not protected at all, you are putting your devices at risk. These harmful programs are designed to steal your information and ultimately sabotage your electronics. With XFINITY you won't have to worry about these problems. Each plan comes with Constant Guard which is an online protection suite. At no extra cost  will give you and your home unbeatable online security. You can enjoy all of the benefits of your fast Internet connection without being concerned that your devices may become infected. You can put your mind to rest knowing that XFINITY has you protected and covered for any possible situation. Norton Security Suite can also give you additional protection against things like viruses and identity theft.

Nationwide Hotpsots

So you are on a vacation, going to see relatives, or on a business trip, but you obviously can't bring your home and its Internet connection with you. The good news is that you can get the XFINITY Wifi app which will help you to locate hotspots. This makes it easy for you when you aren't home so that you can still get Internet when you need it—and you can save money on your cell phone plan at the same time. There are other ways XFINITY helps you to stay connected even when you aren't home, too...

XFINITY Internet Plan Options
XFINITY High Speed Internet Plan Options


Are you out of town or at least away from home but you are in desperate need to stay connected and communicate with people? XFINITY provides the Connect app which a free application allowing you to keep in touch with others. Even when you aren't at home you still have control over text, email, voicemail, Wifi calls, and even more. This app can therefor end up saving you green on your cellphone, which is always a bonus. With 7 email accounts and as much as 10 GB of space you will be able to stay connected easily.

Save Money

With XFINITY you can get your choice of high speed Internet plans, free Internet security, great apps for when you aren't home, and you can even save money in the process. XFINITY knows that you want to save every penny you can, but you still need Internet. When you bundle with XFINITY you can save on other expenses like TV and phone. Why pay more when you don't have to? Not only can bundling with XFINITY save you cash, it also comes with some great and interesting features, for example, getting caller ID sent to your television screen. As mentioned previously, you can save money with the apps provided by XFINITY which are perfect for when you aren't home. These apps save you money on your cell phone bill. When thinking about an Internet provider XFINITY has it all. Could it get any better?

Available Plans

  • To start things off you can get the Performance Starter at a very affordable price. This plan provides reliably fast speeds, the XFINITY Customer Guarantee, and you can download music and share your pictures. This is best for just one device and has 6 mbps.
  • With 25 Mbps, Performance 25 allows you to stream multiple TV shows, share photos, surf the web, and grants you access to millions of hotspots. Performance 25 has the fastest and most reliable Wifi connection and it is suitable for homes with 2-3 online devices.
  • Performance with 75 Mpbs allows you to download and stream HD TV shows and movies, share vidoes and photos, video chat, game online, and it also provides the fastest Internet connection and access to Wifi hotspots when you aren't at home.
  • The XFINITITY Internet Blast offers the fastest most reliable in-home Wifi for all rooms and all devices. Speeds are up to 150 Mpbs. It comes with Constant Guard and free access to countless Wifi hotspots across the nation.

If you are looking to bundle plans check out Preferred XF Double Play which comes with over 140 channels, the fastest Internet connection, and Constant Guard. You can also get XFINITY Voice Unlimited + Performance Internet which provides voicemail, unlimited talk and text nation wide, more than 12 calling features, and Constant Guard. Call Toll Free 1-877-857-7482 to find out which one of the  is best for you and your family.


XFINITY Internet Plans
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