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When you get XFINITY Internet Service, you're getting a whole lot more features and functionality than with the competition's high speed Internet service! That's because no one but XFINITY offers the same great combination of speed, high technology, and great customer service.

High speed Internet access is becoming more and more widespread all over the country in American homes and businesses. Because of the explosive growth of Internet availability, as well as the variety of applications that are available over the Internet, there's a good chance that you and your family could be at a serious disadvantage if you don't have the fastest possible Internet connection in your home.

There are a huge number of examples of online resources that you and your family can take advantage of through that would be difficult, or in some cases impossible, to utilize with a slower connection. For example, the Internet and the World Wide Web has tons of different resources that your kids can take advantage of in order to improve the quality of their education.

These include online encyclopedias and other research resources as well as virtual tutorials. You can also take advantage of the distance learning course offerings that many colleges all over the country provide so that adult learners have the opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in their own careers and even move into new careers. Keep your computer safe with XFINITY Internet Security.

In addition to all of these various resources for education, XFINITY Internet can let you access plenty of different forms of entertainment that are becoming more common on the Internet. For example, you can go to online video stores and download copies of movies and TV shows that you can later watch on your computer or portable device, regardless of whether or not you have an Internet connection available at any given time.

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Special XFINITY Internet Deals

While you're on the Internet, the high download speeds that you'll get from XFINITY Internet will let you watch streaming video from a bunch of different sites. This means access to all of the best major network TV shows and lots of great amateur videos from sites like YouTube. Online multiplayer computer games are also a great source of fun that the Internet provides.

These games basically come in two flavors. One is the type that you buy, load onto your computer, and play with other people from all over the world. The second type of game is more like a virtual reality where you can meet and interact with people from anywhere- regardless of whether or not they're invited to join the game. Both of these are great possibilities for entertainment with XFINITY Internet Deals!

XFINITY will even provide lots of online content for you to access over its connection. You'll be able to listen in on your favorite NASCAR racers as they scream around the track.

You'll be able to get caught up with the world's latest news with streaming video clips from

No matter how you cut it, there are also a variety of online threats out there that make surfing the Web less pleasant and more dangerous than it should be. XFINITY can help to mitigate those threats by providing you with an optional firewall and free antivirus software, as well as the updates needed to keep your protection current.

Thanks to all of these great innovations, XFINITY High Speed Internet is the perfect choice to keep your family caught up with all of the benefits of Internet technology. You can definitely trust XFINITY!

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