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XFINITY from Comcast Digital Cable Features the OnScreen Guide

by Julia Hall

XFINITY TV Features On Screen Guide
XFINITY TV OnScreen Guide

The best thing customers can do for themselves when signing on to XFINITY Digital TV is to familiarize themselves with all the benefits of the On-Screen guide that make navigating around the features so convenient and easy. While most people think of the On-Screen guide as the place where you find all the TV programs listed, there’s lots more to it than just a place to find what you want to watch.

XFINITY has put a massive amount of work into the On-Screen Guide to create a design that will make your life a whole lot easier when navigating around the hundreds of items and features of your XFINITY Digital TV service . The convenient uses of the on-screen guide will become your best friend once you familiarize yourself with how to utilize it.

Learning to search programs is an essential part of your on-screen guide to find the programming you want to see when it is not a regularly scheduled program or a new show that is starting soon.

Customers can search by title by entering a few letters of the title into the search screen of the on-screen guide, and it will return the results of every show with those letters in the title.

XFINITY TV OnScreen Guide
XFINITY TV On Screen Guide

If you like to keep it simple, the easiest way to search may be to use the categorized menu from your remote and the on-screen guide, finding your show under one of the many headers like kids, sports, movies, HD, On Demand, and DVR recordings. When you select one of the categories, an additional menu of selections is available to scroll through to determine your choice in what to watch by time. Customers can highlight a show, movie, or event and choose the “info” button on the remote to get a written description of each show to help make a choice of what to view.

Enjoy the fun you’ll have setting up your very own “favorites” category to access in the future without performing a search for programs you like to watch daily or weekly.  This allows a quick reference for series programming or favorite shows like soap operas, cooking shows, talk shows, news, and even a library of kids shows for the little ones in the house.

Besides searching for movies and shows, you can use the On-Screen Guide as a clock for checking the time of day, channel lineups and available programs along with the times they air, descriptions of the shows, set up recordings, access DVR listings, find HD channels, locate kids programming and so much more. The possibilities are endless and were created to help customers move around from service to service with interactive ease. Learning to use all the features makes life easy and will have you viewing your favorites a whole lot quicker.

One very important feature that one must know about, especially when there are little eyes and ears in the house, is the Parental Control feature accessible from the On Screen Guide menu. Parents can block channels, time slots, or specific shows allowing XFINITY to watch over your kids even when you are not in the house.

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