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XFINITY from Comcast Parental Control Features

by Julia Hall

All Parental Controls are not the same.  Some providers offer parental controls, but XFINITY offers every possible parental control available from setting up your internet service to blocking ratings, sites, and time, to how to have a talk to your kids about internet safety.  You’ll also get a full array of resources for a full blown education for you and the children in your life so all their safety bases will be covered.

XFINITY TV Features Parental Controls
XFINITY TV Features Parental Controls

While you can’t be watching over your kids every time they go online, XFINITY High Speed Internet can. If your children are up on all the high tech devices which most of them are, then you’ll need to either monitor what they do online whether watching a movie, gaming, social networking, or chatting,  or let the Parental Controls provided by XFINITY Internet watch them for you.

The wide array of Parental Control services accessible with your XFINITY High-Speed Internet is like no other you have ever witnessed. From Constant Guard™ Security Suite and online education about internet safety for your family, to online resources for TV ratings and instructions ensuring maximum safety, all you have to do is access it and take advantage of the benefits. The days of going online without protection are long gone.  Don’t let your family down when the safety control is at your fingertips.

You must practice internet safety and there is no better way to do so than with the Parental Controls that are included with your XFINITY Constant Guard suite. The power is in your hands to filter out inappropriate subject matter and monitor the sites that your children are visiting when they go online. You can set up the software to log where family members browse and chat, as well as prevent age-inappropriate sites that you don’t want your kids to have access to.

Parents are guided through the process and given every possible tool making the settings easy and user-friendly.

Beginning with resources, parents are given the material and information needed to engage their children in the kind of conversations they need to hear about online safety.

XFINITY TV Parental Controls
XFINITY TV Parental Controls

XFINITY calls this conversation “The Internet Talk.”  It’s a resource that teaches you how to help your children manage their time online with proper behavior.

Online media can be very educational for your children and without the content and activities, kids would be missing out on a lot of useful and helpful learning experiences. However, there are also things and people that could present an unsafe online environment for them which is why you might want to consider calling up the Doctor of Web Media, Dr Rich. Dr Rich is referred to as the “mediatrician” and can assist you with science-based answers and solutions to help your children use media in the manner that is safe and healthy for them.

In one year alone, reports have surfaced detailing that at least 43 percent of teens in the nation have been victims of cyber-bullying.  This issue is rising and often goes undetected as an invisible problem. Let XFINITY Internet provide the tools and resources so you can relax knowing that your children and family members have been educated and have all the resources and parental control measures to keep them safe when they go online.

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