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XFINITY Offers PPV Service

by Julia Hall

Experience the Advantages of Pay-Per-View


While you are beating yourself up over the recreation budget for your household, you might want to check out the XFINITY Pay-Per-View available with XFINITY Digital TV. If you are not already a XFINITY customer, you surely don’t have a clue what you have been missing out on.

When you explore the Pay-Per-View lineup and see how economical the cost is compared to buying tickets, meals, snacks, and gas to live events like WWE, UFC, live concerts, Nascar events, trips to the movie store, and more, you’ll be jumping for joy.  Wait until you share the good news that you have figured out a way to save enough money from the budget to take that summer vacation the family has been wanting to take. You’ll be the most-loved mother in the neighborhood!

Turn your family room and TV into a home theater with movies, WWE and UFC, live concerts, specials, sports events, and Hollywood hits, from XFINITY Digital TV .  You won’t have to spend one red cent on $4 a gallon fuel. The snacks will be much cheaper and even tastier when mom makes them. There’s never a traffic jam to deal with and you don’t have to worry about having a designated driver as you can relax in your recliner as you throw down a few cold ones while enjoying the entertainment.

The days of running to the movie store or paying those annoying late fees when you forget to return them on time are long gone. Let the XFINITY reliable network deliver the finest home entertainment you’ve ever experienced right into your living room, providing amazing picture quality and surround sound.


Pick your favorite easy chair and tune in to your favorite movie, fight, concert, documentary or whatever you’re in the mood for with the convenience of Pay-Per-View.

Have you every heard your neighbors complain about the cost of PPV?  Can you believe they can’t figure out how much money they are saving by paying a few dollars for first run movies on PPV? For live events, $40 or $50 bucks may seem like a lot of money for one event, but when you figure that two tickets to the arena would cost that much, besides the fact that you waste no money for gas or parking, no money on food and snacks, and the entire family, or neighborhood for that matter, can watch for the same low price, it’s really a great deal!

It’s a no-brainer to decide to stay home and enjoy a PPV movie tonight, versus heading out in the rain or cold weather, dropping at least a hundred spot or more for the family when you can gather around the tube and pick a new movie to watch with show times starting every thirty minutes. With lots of channels to select from, there’s a gazillion things to watch besides the monthly live events and specials. Dad will never come home empty handed for the feature movie of the day once you start enjoying XFINITY TV Pay-Per-View that’s never closed, nor do they run out of movies.

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