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  • XFINITY® TV offers more ways to get more entertainment so you can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen.
  • Over 140 digital channels
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  • Perfect for surfing online, streaming movies, and uploading photos
  • Speeds up to 100X faster than dial-up
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Catching Every Minute of the Action with DVR from XFINITY Washington

XFINITY TV Deals in Washington
Washington XFINITY TV Deals

It’s not always easy to fit your favorite shows and movies into your busy schedule. Daily demands can keep you from enjoying regularly scheduled broadcasts. Paying for high-quality entertainment that you don’t get to enjoy can be a frustrating experience. For years, the only option was to use a VCR to try and record broadcasts for later viewing. With poor recording quality, limited options, and difficult programming, the VCR was never an ideal solution. Fortunately, technology has evolved. You now have the option of easily recording all your favorite shows in 100% digital quality. Get Washington XFINITY DVR and never miss your favorite shows again!

A Digital Video Recorder from XFINITY Washington is a convenient, easy-to-use solution to any scheduling conflicts that may keep you from watching programs when they’re initially broadcast. The DVR uses an internal hard drive to capture and store the pure digital cable signal, before it’s decompressed for viewing. This means that the image stored on your DVR is the same crystal-clear signal that was destined for your TV screen. When you watch recordings with the DVR, the quality is exactly the same as if you were watching live cable television.

Because it uses an internal hard drive instead of bulky tapes, the DVR can hold far more data than a VCR. A DVR can typically hold dozens of hours of standard or HD programming. If you’re going to be away from home for a week, the DVR has plenty of space to store all of your favorite shows while you’re away. And, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, setting it to record is as easy as pressing a button. You don’t have to set a clock, program channels, or remember to load a tape – just use the onscreen guide to highlight the shows you want to save, then set them to record.

Washington XFINITY DVR Service

A DVR isn’t just for recording shows while you’re away from home. Ever have your favorite show interrupted by an important phone call? With a DVR, you can pause the live broadcast, then restart it from where you left off when your phone call is finished. Did you miss the big play by your favorite team? Use the DVR to rewind the live broadcast and see it like it just happened. You can even skip commercials and get back into the action as quickly as possible.

Washington XFINITY takes the convenience of a DVR to a new level. With Whole House DVR, you can enjoy the benefits of a DVR on every TV in the house. To make things even better, the DVRs are networked together, allowing you to pause a broadcast in one room and continue watching it in another. You can move from room to room, making your program follow you wherever you go.

As with all of their products and services, XFINITY combines convenience and affordability by offering a variety of plans for you to choose from. Each plan is designed to give you the options and features you want, without making you pay for those you don’t. Finding the perfect balance of entertainment and value is easy with XFINITY Washington.