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People love to constantly stay connected. In today's world, people want to have access to different online platforms. Whether it is cable TV, broadband internet or phone service, all of them keep people connected to their family, friends, and the rest of the world. However, instead of choosing three different services to enjoy television, internet and phone service, people can make a smart choice and pick a service that provides all of them. These days, all cable operators offer bundled services, where people can get all the three services - TV, high speed internet and phone connectivity. The deals on the combos are usually much better than getting the services separately, they cost less this way. So, not only are the subscribers getting one bill for all their services, they are also getting it at a more affordable price.

One of the most important components of such a package is a good internet connection. Superfast online access is no more a luxury, but a necessity. From entertainment to work, everything has gone online. There is so much to do on the internet. Students need the net to do their assignments, prepare for tests, and learn from the large number of resources available online. Even teachers and professors in many countries post all the reading material and assignments online. Today, when everybody is multitasking and travelling for work, it becomes really difficult to stay in touch even with one's own family. Internet has been a blessing in this regard. People can remain in touch with their families and friends via mails, texts, video chats, online calling, and more.

Audience members can also catch their favorite TV shows, watch the latest movies and listen to the latest music trending on the net. There is no end to the list of benefits that the internet can have and how integral a part it is in our modern life. So, if the internet is slow, it is only natural that people find it a really frustrating thing. It impedes your work and affects your efficiency. So, not having a high speed internet can pose a lot of problems.

The speed of the internet obviously depends on the price of the package and also on the service provider. Not all areas are served by all the service providers. So, people should do a little research on which service is present in their area and which one of them would suit them the best. Many packages also include a wireless router which allows the users to connect as many electronic devices as they want to. Whether they have a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone, or any other electronic devices, they can connect them all to the router. Many of the service providers also allow the subscribers to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Once you have subscribed to a service, you can actually log in to these hotspots, which will grant you access to the internet on the go. Moreover, you do not have to spend extra money on buying an internet pack separately on the go either.

Another part of the 3-in-1 packages are the cable TV deals that the viewer gets. There are so many channels included in these packages that it is simply impossible to not find something for everyone. There is everything from sports, drama, movies, late night shows, reality shows, just to name a few. What's more, there are numerous free to air channels to go along with the paid channels. So, people can pick and choose which networks they wish to subscribe to and pay only for them. Channels on demand are available with almost all such packages.

The cable companies do not just sell a cable connection, but an experience. You can watch shows that you like, and also get recommendations for similar content. If you have smart television sets, you can even get apps on them to track scores, browse through additional content, and so on. Most of these cable services come with a DVR, which you can use to record and save your favorite shows. Watch and enjoy your favorite content on your own schedule! Many service providers allow their customers to set their DVR recordings even when they are outside the house using a companion app.

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