Which Comcast XFINITY Package is Best For You?

When you are looking for a really good way to save money on your cable and other home services, you surely will not want to miss out on the packages available through XFINITY. You can have three of the best home services available packaged into one great deal at the most affordable prices offered anywhere and delivered on a single monthly bill for the ultimate customer convenience. Learn more about the availability of services!

Finding the right package for your family or household may be a challenge, but once you realize what XFINITY has to offer, it will take the complication right out of your search. First you must establish your own needs and desires. XFINITY has the best of everything there is to offer in home entertainment and communications packages, but it is up to you to decide which of the components you need them to include in your package.

Does your family or a member of the household spend a lot of time watching movies? Do they like classic movies or movies made for TV like Hallmark and Lifetime offer? If so, you may benefit from the Starter package that XFINITY offers to customers. It comes with 80 popular channels that include you local networks and plenty of classic TV movies and other programs to enjoy. It's the most widely sought after package.

Get Everything You Want with XFINITY Bundles from Comcast

XFINITY Bundles from Comcast

Do you and your family or roommates like the latest releases and new feature films or TV series that you can view prior to them being released to the networks and on Netflix and other online sites? Do you have sports fanatics in your household that shut out the rest of the world when they tune into their favorite teams in action? Knowing this is your favorite choice in movies and how important sports is to at least some or all of your household, you should check out the XFINITY Premier or Complete packages. These are the ones that would suit your needs and desires.

While TV channels and programming is a huge part of your package, there are some important factors in deciding which package includes the most important features when it comes to internet service that will meet your household needs. If you go with a Starter plan and your kids, or even you, spend a lot of time gaming and playing interactive games, do a lot of video chatting, download large music files, or stream a lot of movies you may be happier with the speed of the Preferred Plus package.

As far as the home phone service that XFINITY supplies in its packages, it is phenomenal. Every Triple Play package comes with the same great concept in landline service. First worth mentioning is the difference in your phone company's service and XFINITY by Comcast's service. The old analog companies charge a per minute, per call, or flat fee long distance with all kinds of limits not to mention elevated fees and prices. You'll be happy to know, this is not the case with the phone service from XFINITY by Comcast.

XFINITY Voice has one small monthly fee for service and offers unlimited nationwide calling without one red cent of extra charge for it like other companies. The second biggest difference is the calling features that are included in your service. You heard it correctly. The calling features and voicemail are also included so there is no extra fee on your bill for each calling feature like other companies charge.

The XFINITY Triple Play by Comcast has it ALL!

Your Triple Play package will include the most popular features like Caller ID (this will appear on your TV, PC, and phone when you have a Triple Play package), Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Screening, Repeat and Speed Dialing, and several more.

While the next difference does not affect your household budget, it sure does make your XFINITY Bundle a whole lot nicer and is beneficial in that the voice recognition is a lot clearer than with analog companies, there is no delay in the conversation like there is with VOIP online companies, and you don't have to worry about your conversation being private because it is delivered over Comcast's advanced fiber network instead of over the internet or lines that are affected by weather.

One additional thing that might be of interest, if by chance you have friends or loved ones that live outside the nationwide calling area you can simply add on a very affordable international calling plan to your package very affordably. It's as easy as picking up your digital phone.

XFINITY Provides all 3 Services for Your Convenience

Now you know that you can get all three XFINITY Services for a special price of $99 per month. If this won't work for you, there are 4 other Triple Play packages with varied differences to meet your needs whether your focus in on internet speed, channel selection, or premium movies and sports.

Other package choices include Double Play plans with only two of the three services in any combination you choose. Customers can still save plenty of money on a two service package. The only disadvantage is you'll miss out on the interactive features between the Comcast services without all three like Caller ID on the TV and PC.

There's also an online account that allows customers to manage their DVR and TV settings from your PC or from a smart phone remotely. Additionally, customers can go online to the same account and set up calling features on their home phone. So make sure you check out all the advantages of the Triple Play package before you make your final decision on whice package to choose.

In case there is a XFINITY subscription, movie channel, or sports entertainment package you would like to have, you can always add them. Comcast has set up the XFINITY packages to offer you the most services for the best price by bundling them ahead of time.