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  • XFINITY® TV offers more ways to get more entertainment so you can enjoy shows and movies instantly on any screen.
  • Over 140 digital channels
  • XFINITY On Demand included



  • Perfect for surfing online, streaming movies, and uploading photos
  • Speeds up to 100X faster than dial-up
  • Stay safe online with unmatched online security included with your service.
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  • Now you can enjoy more ways to connect with friends and family in more places around the world.
  • Keep Your Same Phone Number
  • Many Popular Calling Features
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XFINITY from Comcast Triple Play Deals

Getting the most bang for your buck is just what you’re in for when you sign up for the Triple Play bundle XFINITY . If you are looking to get the most out of your service for the least amount of monthly cost, then the Triple Play is you ticket. Learn more about !

XFINITY Triple Play Deals
XFINITY Triple Play Bundle Deals

The XFINITY Triple Play Deals were designed with customer needs in mind as there are five different plans to choose from when ordering.  While all five plans offer TV, Internet, and home phone service, the features like number of channels, tier levels, and premium channels as well as internet speeds vary from plan to plan.

Some customers spend more time on the internet or perform activities that require more speed, some customers are avid movie watchers and some are not, and some live eat, breath and sleep by sports.  With the diverse desires and needs of individuals and households, the Triple Play was born to meet them.

All three Triple Play services, Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice offer their distinct features, but they additionally interact to enhance the services for the customer. For instance, Triple Play customers get the added advantage of Caller ID not only on their phone, but when the calls come in, the caller Id shows up on your TV screen as well as your PC. How’s that for exceptional service?

Bundle with XFINITY and SAVE!

XFINITY Digital Voice Deals
XFINITY Phone Deals

By having Triple Play service, customers allow themselves the added convenience of accessing their On Demand choices from their TV or PC. Whether streaming your movies or watching them on your TV set, the XFINITY Triple Play offers options you won’t have with a single service.

For the customers who use little internet other than maybe email and a little browsing, but spend a lot of time watching TV, the HD Preferred Triple Play might be just what the TV doctor ordered.

It offers 160 channels in categories like sports channels, news channels, weather, video music channels, audio music channels of every style, movies from Encore and Hallmark, shopping channels, and so much more.

The internet service that comes with the HD Preferred Triple Play has 20Mbps download speed and includes “PowerBoost,”  for those large downloads that need an extra shot of power to speed them along ensuring quick and easy downloads in seconds instead of minutes.

The XFINITY VOICE service is the same for all five Triple Play packages, offering customers totally free long distance to anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Other benefits of Digital Voice include all 12 calling features that are included free of any additional fees as well as free voicemail. Told you that XFINITY designed Triple Play with the customer’s needs in mind!

With a Triple Play bundle, customers can enjoy entertainment any way they want.  Watching what you want, when you want has never been easier with On Demand (available on TV or PC), Pay-Per-View, DVR and HD DVR, premium movie channels, add-on subscription channels, and so much more. You can watch it on TV or stream online. The advantages are great and the price is low.

XFINITY Triple Play Gives you TV, Internet, and Phone!

Streaming movies requires a lot of speed unless you want to spend an hour to download them. That’s where the HD Preferred Triple Play bundle works best. With increased download speeds up to 30Mbps plus PowerBoost, movies and large files will download in seconds so customers can spend more time watching them instead of waiting on them.

XFINITY TV w/ HD Preferred
XFINITY TV Triple Play Deals

With HBO and Starz included in the , you’ll not only have the On Demand line up of movies and shows to stream on your PC, but you can additionally access HBO on the go. The best HD experience in TV is at your fingertips with a Triple Play bundle, offering tons of channels and over 8000 HD choices for you to stream online or watch from home on your HDTV.

For customers whose families have very busy schedules but still love their TV when they have time to watch it, they would benefit by ordering the HD Complete Triple Play bundle since it comes with any room DVR. If you and your family members have a hard time getting home in time to see the programs you love to watch, then you would love the HD Complete Triple Play bundle.

With up to four DVR’s throughout you home, you and your family can record hours of the shows you missed and watch them whenever time permits. AnyRoom DVR allows customers to watch pre-recorded shows in any room, or start watching them in the kitchen and finish in the living room. You can even clean the house and never miss a second of your recorded shows as you move from room to room where the DVR’s exist.

XFINITY Offers HD, DVR, and PPV Options

Additionally, you can also play back different recordings in different rooms at the same time. For those times in your daily life when your schedule will not permit you to make it home in time to see your favorite shows, the HD Complete Triple Play could sure make your life a whole lot easier with the AnyRoom DVR feature that is included in it.

XFINITY Internet Specials
XFINITY High Speed Internet Specials

Don’t you want to enjoy perfect home entertainment, the finest widescreen technology available from your HDTV or PC, the bar none fastest internet service in the nation, and a new concept in home phone service that has been brought into the modern age, all at a price that won’t break your bank account or destroy your family budget? Savings are substantial when you order all three home entertainment and communication services from XFINITY .

They’ve packed their Triple Play bundles full of theater-like widescreen technology TV available in various channel options, sweetened the deal with the fastest internet service in the nation, and topped it off with the finest call clarity and reliability in landline service known to man. Because they deliver them all across the same high quality fiber lines ensuring reliability and quality, they keep their costs down and therefore pass them all on to you, the customer. Take advantage of the Triple Play bundle prices where you get more service for less. Get your TV on with a .