Elementary TV Show Cast & Characters

Elementary TV Show Cast Infographic

"Elementary" brings a fresh new face to the character first written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle more than a century ago. Most of the defining characteristics of the character Sherlock Holmes stay intact but there are a few interesting new twists.

After a stay in a drug rehabilitation center, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) moves from England to New York City because he feels the US has a more challenging criminal element that will make the cases more interesting. After his move, he contacts Captain Tobias Gregston (Aiden Quinn), currently employed by the NY police department, to start as a consultation on criminal cases.

Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) plays the part of a female Watson as Holmes' sober companion. She was hired by Holmes' father to ensure his son's continued sobriety after rehab. Since the female Watson is also a surgeon, she can bring her own insight to a murder investigation to add to her worth as Holmes' partner.

The relationship between Holmes and Watson is a platonic one. They form a friendship as Holmes learns to lean on her for her insights. She decides to stay with Holmes to help him even after Holmes' father quits paying her to do so. When she admits she is no longer being paid for her services, Holmes offers her an apprenticeship with him. Watson accepts her apprenticeship and Holmes starts training her on how to become the detective he needs her to be.

Moriarty (Natalie Dormer) has also switched genders but she is still Holmes' arch enemy. Holmes had a love affair with Irene Adler before leaving England. He thought he had lost his love when she was killed by Moriarty. It isn't until his move to the States that he finds out that Moriarty and Adler are the same person.

Elementary Cast:

  • Jonny Lee Miller - Sherlock Holmes
  • Lucy Liu - Dr. Joan Watson
  • Aidan Quinn - Captain Tobias "Toby" Gregson
  • Jon Michael Hill - Detective Marcus Bell
  • Natalie Dormer - Irene Adler
  • Candice Cayne - Ms. Hudson
  • F. Murray Abraham - Daniel Gottlieb
  • Moriarty - We wouldn't want to ruin the suspense now would we?