Hotchkiss, CO High Speed Internet Service

Hotchkiss, CO has a total of 5 options for high speed internet providers that meet the minimum broadband download speed of 25 Mbps. It can be understandably confusing when trying to determine which of these broadband providers to choose. Hopefully we can eliminate some of the guesswork for you by applying our ranking algorithm to those 5 internet service options in Hotchkiss. The calculation we perform considers the download connection speed, upload connection speed, population covered and overall value provided by each company. Based upon that calculation, our top choice for Hotchkiss is Delta Montrose Electric Association. A summary of all the results:

Rank Provider Tech Max Download Speed Max Upload Speed Availability
1Delta Montrose Electric AssociationFiber1000 Mbps1000 Mbps97.9%
2Telephone and Data SystemsDSL100 Mbps15 Mbps99.9%
3Rise Broadbandwireless50 Mbps10 Mbps100.0%
4ViaSatSatellite100 Mbps3 Mbps100%
5HughesNetSatellite25 Mbps3 Mbps100%

Hotchkiss CO Internet Access Options

More internet service competition in a city encourages providers to continue to build out and improve their network in addition to keeping prices fair.
The following represents the percentage of population in Hotchkiss which have access to at least two internet service providers with a particular internet access speed:


Broadband Internet Speeds

Curious how fast the average internet speeds in Hotchkiss are compared to Delta County? Also, curious how the speeds compare to Colorado overall?
Average download speeds in Hotchkiss of 13.35 Mbps are slower than the Delta County average download speeds and slower than the statewide average for Colorado.


Hotchkiss Internet Access Facts

  • The average download speed in Hotchkiss is 51.8% slower than the average in Colorado and 58.8% slower than the national average of 32.4 Mbps

  • DSL internet is available to 63.3% of the Delta County population

  • The average internet download speed in Hotchkiss is 13.35 Mbps based upon 5800 measurements taken in the last 12 months

  • Cable internet is available to 0.0% of the Hotchkiss population

  • Fiber optic internet is available to 99.5% of Hotchkiss residents

  • There are 5 residential internet providers in Hotchkiss, CO providing service to at least 15% of the city


Internet Access Technologies

DSL, Cable, Fiber and Fixed Wireless are four common types of technology used to provide internet access. The following chart shows the percentage of Hotchkiss residents who have access to each of these technology types.

Internet Service FAQs

Who has the best internet service near me?

Our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration download speed, upload speed, availability and overall value ranks Delta Montrose Electric Association as the top provider for Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Who has the fastest internet service in Hotchkiss?

Delta Montrose Electric Association with a download speed of 1000 Mbps provides the fastest internet service in Hotchkiss.

What locations were used in calculating broadband internet coverage for Hotchkiss, Colorado?

The following zip codes were used: 81419

What internet download speed do I need?

Consider the following general rules of thumb when determining the download speed you need for your new Hotchkiss internet service.

Speed Devices Typical Usage
25+ Mbps1-2 devicesWeb browsing
Music streaming
HD video streaming
100+ Mbps3-5 devicesVideo conferencing
4K video streaming
Online gaming
1000+ Mbps6+ devicesMultiple video or 4K streams
Zero latency gaming

How do the internet speeds in Hotchkiss compare to other cities in Colorado?

Click through to see how the Hotchkiss broadband speeds compare to these other cities throughout the state: Acres Green, Del Norte, Eldorado Springs, Florence, Fruita, Haxtun, Loveland

Is there fiber internet service near me?

Yes, there is 1 fiber internet provider in Hotchkiss - Delta Montrose Electric Association.

What is DSL internet service?

DSL provides internet service via phone lines but at speeds typically 100x or more than old fashioned dial-up service over those same phone lines. Download speeds are typically slower than cable, but DSL is more likely to be available in a remote location than cable.

Which internet service provider offers the most coverage in Hotchkiss, Colorado?

Rise Broadband provides broadband internet service to 100.0% of Hotchkiss.

What is cable internet service?

Cable internet service streams data through the same coaxial cables used for cable television. In nearly all instances cable internet will be faster than DSL. Cable internet is available to nearly 90% of Americans but does not have as much coverage in remote areas as DSL.

Hotchkiss Cable TV, Satellite TV and Streaming Services

Our ranking of internet service plans can make choosing a new provider fairly easy. Selecting a TV provider is more difficult as additional variables are involved. If you are a heavy TV viewer and/or watch in multiple rooms at the same time, a traditional cable TV package or satellite TV provider may be the best option for you. However, if you live in a rental property or a heavily wooded area, satellite TV may not be a viable option. Streaming TV packages can be a good option for many, especially if your internet plan does not have a data limit. Read through the pros and cons of the various TV packages available to you and chose the best match to your viewing needs.


  • 290+ channels
  • Satellite coverage virtually anywhere
  • 4 video package tiers
  • Access to apps, Google assistant and 2000 hour smart DVR
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Hulu Live TV

  • 75+ channels
  • Access to premium Hulu originals
  • Includes Disney+ and ESPN+
  • 2 simultaneous streams supported on a broad array of devices
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YouTube TV

  • 85+ channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • Local network coverage
  • Sports plus, Spanish plus and premium movie add-ons
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DIRECTV stream

  • 140+ channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • Local network and sports coverage
  • Unlimited streams in-home. TV to go with the DIRECTV app
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  • 180+ channels
  • 1000 hours of cloud DVR
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